Note: Your application is ONLY considered fully submitted when you completed Stage 2.
Applications that have only Stage 1 submitted by the cut-off date, will not be processed.

Continuing and Returning Students

If you are a continuing student (moving from your current course into the next course), please use this form:

If you are a returning student (returning to a course that you withdrew from before completing the course, or haven’t studied with aifc for a period of time), please use this form:

Before you begin

Please note that aifc’s enrolment form consists of two parts. Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Once you have completed Stage 1 of your enrolment, a Regional Director will assess the application and will then send you a link to Stage 2 of your Online Enrolment.

In order to access Stage 2 of your Online Enrolment, you must use the link provided to you in the email. You cannot access Stage 2 of your enrolment through the main Enrol button on the website. The link is exclusively sent to you, so ensure you check your Inbox and Junk Mail folder.

Please find below, a list of all documents that are required as part of your Online Enrolment Application.

Stage 1

You will be required to upload the following documents:

  1. A certified copy of your Photo ID/Proof of Identity (Passport/Driver's License)
  2. If your Photo ID/Proof of Identity document has a different name to your current name, please provide a certified document stating your change of name (Marriage certificate/Proof of Divorce/or other Legal Name-Change document(s))
  3. Non-Certified proof of higher learning (Year 12 or Cert IV and above)
    1. This proof is needed whether you are applying for a VET Student Loan or not.
  4. If you are applying for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) please make sure you download all relevant information from our website and follow the procedure dictated there

If you have not completed Year-12 or a Cert IV and above, you will need to sit a government-prescribed Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test. More information can be found within the application.

Stage 2

Here you will be required to upload the following documents:

  1. Passport sized photo – Can be a phone “selfie”, but must meet the same standards of a Passport Photo (size, colour, no shadows/hair blocking your face – you are allowed to smile)
  2. Certified copies of Australian Citizenship / Australian Birth Certificate / Proof of Residency. (NB: This information is required for students who are applying for VET Student Loans)
  3. Your USI details, this can be applied for at

aifc Student Services will be notified when you have completed stage 2 of your application. Should any more documentation be needed, you will be notified. Your Confirmation of Enrolment and access to the Online Learning Platform, will only be issued once all required documentation has been provided to aifc.

Note: VET Student Loan applicants

aifc Student Services will only issue you a VET Student Loans application when certified proof of eligibility (proof of citizenship) has been received. Once this documentation is provided to aifc, we will give the department your enrolment information, including the nearest applicable census date, through the eCAF system. You will then receive an email from the department allowing you to sign into the eCAF system. Once you sign-in, you will need to verify the pre-populated information and complete the mandatory fields. You can then submit the eCAF, which will cause the system to email you a copy of your completed form. You must then give this form to aifc.

You will not receive a Confirmation of Enrolment, or access to the Online Learning Platform, until your VET Student Loan form is completed.


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